Dylan Sarra

It’s important to encourage young kids to tap into their creativity and have a sense of a culture that existed before they did, It really boosts their self-esteem when they can own a sense of identity and realise how important they are.

SARRA ART is Dylan Sarra. He is a local Indigenous artist who resides in Brisbane and originates from the Bundaberg region and belongs to the Gooreng Gooreng people.

Dylan has worked with a range of clients from both corporate and education sectors.  “We all have a voice, and with a mindset of sharing, caring and respecting each other, these stories can shape our community for open learning and understanding into a positive future.”

Dylan turns his indigenous art into a written language, using traditional symbols and modern colours that, in turn, tell important stories.

In his spare time, if Dylan isn’t down at the creek in a tinny, he runs art workshops at the local schools, teaching children about indigenous culture.

Dylan says that a good artist can be creative and articulate, but it takes a special artist to convey the subject so that everyone ‘gets it’.


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