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Through Arts + Education

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Dylan aims to inspire kids from Prep to Year 12 to value their identity and express it in ways that suits their own talents.  Dylan wants to empower teachers with the ability to share, care, and respect the traditional indigenous culture, both in and out of the classroom

Primary School Workshops Murals + school art


Sarra Inc.’s approach is producing strong vibrant and seasonal colour schemes over the traditional indigenous art forms.  Dylan tells stories that are important to him and interprets other’s stories in the same way.

Commissioned Work Prints Permanent Street Art + Murals


Dylan Sarra

SARRA INC is Dylan Sarra. He is a local Indigenous artist who resides in Brisbane and originates from the Bundaberg region and belongs to the Gooreng Gooreng people.

Aug 10

Naidoc 2016

This event was a high point of my year. The unexpected huge return we got on a small budget was crazy. We have at our school a small number of parents that are committed to better outcomes for our indigenous children. It was an event that we wanted to showcase the indigenous culture and represent […]

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Jun 16

Youth Detention Centre

Another exciting project? Check. Another, I didn’t know what to expect? Check. Changing your delivery to suit a young and hurting audience? Reality check. Welcome to the world of youth detention. A detention that outwardly shows our indigenous youth in crisis. After my first day, I questioned myself,  how I was in a place with […]

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Jun 01

Swan Hill

It’s not very often you walk into a storm and come out dry. This project started out to be the perfect storm according to the man Chris Rowlands. Jason from Newlook International called me up and told me he had a job that was right up my ally. The city of Swan Hill in Victoria […]

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